Introducing Greek Folk Music

Greek folk music comprises a vast variety of Greek sounds played by particular ethnic Greeks in Greece, Cyprus, Australia and other countries. Apart from the more common classical music commonly found all over Greece, there are other forms of folk music, at times related to the background music or just the personal preference of the place. Folk music is said to have started as a means of expression. As a way of sharing information and expressing feelings, among certain groups of people. It has evolved into something much more than that.

There are various Greek folk songs with different styles and genres. Some express political or religious themes, while others talk about love or sadness. But whatever the theme, songs always express something about the people’s feelings. There is an old saying that says it is the voice that rules not the heart.

Greek music is mostly composed in the Greek Islands. The most famous of these is the music of Piraeus, which is a city on the Piraeus River, and the second most famous is the music of Athens, which is also situated on the Piraeus. The island of Sardinia is home to many greek songs as well. In addition, some of the island’s residents, namely the Zelestikaki (Zeli) and the Epirus islands, also compose some of this native Greek music. However, it must be noted that the majority of music in the region nowadays is made by outsiders coming in from neighboring countries like Italy, Germany, England, Spain and so on.

So, you probably want to learn how to remove this template message? I’ve provided some tips and techniques here and hope that they will be helpful. But first, I recommend you try to search for some Greek music for your iPod or other mp3 player. Some of the most popular songs in this genre are: Baileys Brothers – Make You Cry, killer beekeepers from Athens, Achy Breakthrough – Ohane, The Paradise (from Communion), Don’t Worry – Remember You Are Missing Me, New Divide – Home Of The Gods, Golden Rule – Wasted (and Americana), and Porphyria – A Real Girl’s Boyfriend.

Now that you have downloaded these songs for free, I would encourage you to listen to them. At this point you should have already formed an opinion of some of their quality. If you have no idea of how to remove this template message, please consider trying these songs. They will definitely help you learn how to play some of the more traditional Greek folk music. As well, this will also provide you with some background noise to help you fall asleep at night (which is probably important if you had previously been unable to get to sleep because of loud noises).

Finally, while these songs are excellent to start out with, don’t worry if you eventually want to move on to something else. I believe that all of the great composers that the greeks left behind have left their finest work for us today to enjoy. If nothing else, I am confident that you will be inspired by some of their work. All it takes is a little research and some patience. I encourage you to take this journey with me, as I believe that you will be very happy with what you end up with.