The Story of Russian Folk Music

Russian folk music in particular deals mostly with the unique folk music traditions of the Russian people themselves. Unlike other kinds of music that are prevalent in the contemporary world, folk music is a genre that has its origins in the Russian culture itself. However, it doesn’t have the different types of musical styles that are found in other contemporary music from other cultures. For instance, many western music artists actually claim to be followers of folk arts and even their music has traces of it in their styles.

In order to give you an idea about this Russian musical genre, we have to first acquaint ourselves with its history. Russian folk music originated from two regions of central Russia: namely, Irkutsk and Stavropolsky. They have been separately named, since they were actually founded by two historical figures of that region. Besides, the two regions do not have a common language, as most settlements spoke different languages back then. So, their music then was written in either of them.

To give you a more detailed view on this Russian musical genre, we have to now go into its history and its evolution. In time, the people who made up the population in the two regions came together with their desire for music. They would gather together and perform folk songs, dances, readings, and so on. They would also make use of musical instruments such as the lute, the guitar, the sitar, and the other similar instruments. Thus, these Russian folk music riffs and beats became what we know today as folk music.

During these times, the country was under the rule of autocratic Tsars. And during those times, the Russian royalty was also ruling the country. The most famous of all Russian composers, Vasili Oreshkin, was also from a royal family. Thus, the roots of Russian folk music still remain strong. And the essence of it all, which was the soul of Russian folk music and the essence of Russian royalty, eventually found its way to the West through the efforts of some Russian artists.

And this is where we get to the story of the origins of these Russian folk tunes and the popularity of it among the western people, especially in America. There are many places in the world where the sounds of Russian folk music can be heard. One example would be San Francisco, California. Of course, not all the people who lived in the city could understand Russian folk songs. However, due to the influence of Russian emigres, Russian speakers, and Russian cossacks, most westerners were able to appreciate the beauty of Russian songs. Moreover, these people were not just listening to it for entertainment value but to contribute something into the development of the world music as we know it today.

These days, if you want to purchase a Russian song for your collection, there are actually many sites that provide musical bibliographies for such Russian songs. These sites have both a music index and an audio index. So, if you are looking for a certain song but are not sure whether it exists or not, all you need do is type “Russian music indexes” on the search engine bar and you will get a whole list of all the available Russian song indexes. You can use the audio index to listen to each song and decide whether you really want to purchase it or not.